Your success depends on others. To excel at your job you need people in your team who excel at theirs. To know you have the best team, you need to know three things:-

First, you need to know who could do the job. Who is qualified and who is interested? This is a matter of fact. In our information economy, this is relatively straightforward, although it is time consuming and detailed work.

Second, you need to know what they think of your opportunity, and what others think of them. This is a matter of opinion. Talking to people and listening carefully will establish this.

Third you need to know what would happen if you gave them the job. This is partly a matter of past performance, personality, and potential. But it is really a question of motivation.

Is what you are trying to do what they really want to do? By now you know they are well qualified and well thought of. But is it the opportunity of a lifetime for them? If it is, you won’t have to worry any more.

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